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While there are many dog packs to choose from, the majority are for long hikes and to carry a maximum load. Often times though, we are only out for a quick walk in the park or a partial day trip along a trail, so we created a light day pack.

Designed exclusively for both of our Urban Trail Harness models, the Urban Trail Pack is perfect for partial day hikes, allowing your dog to “work”, by helping out and carrying their own food, water, poop bags, AO’s Collapse-a-Bowl, etc. Expertly crafted with tough Cordura; features 3M Brand Reflective bands, and a attached snap in one of the saddlebags to secure your keys.

Alpine Outfitters’ Research & Development Team utilized their learnings from over twenty years of studying the needs of working dogs, to craft what we believe is the best pack design for dogs. Designed specifically to work with and be part of our Urban Trail and Adjustable Urban Trail Harnesses, the Urban Trail Pack easily attaches directly to the neck and girth of the harness via Velcro straps.

The Urban Trail Pack is available in four sizes, made to fit the four sizes of our Standard Size Ready-To-Go Adjustable Urban Trail Harness; however, it can easily be matched up to fit our custom crafted, made to size, Urban Trail or Adjustable Urban Trail Harnesses. Currently available in Black, Blue, and Red.

Approximate Carrying Capacity of Each Panier (with room to spare):
Small: 12 oz
Medium: 12-16 oz
Large: 16-24 oz
Extra Large: 24-32 oz

The Urban Trail Pack is made with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. The pack slants slightly in the front to avoid impacting your dog’s movement in the shoulder and withers. The pack is also built with a small angle from side to side, thus keeping the pack’s filled saddlebags closer to your dog’s body, so they do not slosh about or hinder your dog’s balance.

The Urban Trail Pack is the perfect add-on accessory to our Standard Urban Trail Harness or our Urban Trail Adjustable Harness.

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